Active since 1999
The company was launched in 2005 by Charles Thibault, a mason passionate and full of talent combining the good feedbacks from its beginnings in the business, since 1999. The good work is the best advertising and that is why the company is called to carry out projects throughout the Laurentian region, both in the northern sector of Mont-Tremblant - Sainte-Agathe as in the southern area of Rosemere - Blainville. Our teams of experts in masonry work in commercial, industrial and residential. We like to stay active and we see the variety as an asset in our experience, so we like to touch all magnitudes of projects. Our clientele is built by word of mouth over the years and it has a variety of projects such as cities, grocery stores, shops, warehouses, luxury properties, houses in residential neighborhood and more.

The masonry
It's a job that lasts from ancient times to this day. It is a timeless choice for your business or home, a look and style that does not pass. In addition, this product provides a quality and resale value of your building. It's also a good choice to warm both outside and inside, it's an environmental benefit, and it increases the strength of the building.

Commercial maconery projects
We are active in commercial and industrial construction. Our expertise gained over the years adapted to our professionalism and the respect of delivery dates propelled the good feedbacks for us and this continues today.

Masons for a residential project
From family residential house to the large prestige property, our team of experts in masonry accounts several years of experience both in exterior natural stone siding and in interiors homes achievements such as fireplaces and wine cellars.

Our stones, bricks and blocs
With Charles Thibault Masonry, the customer and the architect can choose their own materials. We make sure to provide a selection of the best materials that we know to be top of the list for their quality and durability. Stones, bricks and blocks, the choice is vast.